February 26, 2018


2018 Bracket 9


1 Virginia 17 Gonzaga 33 Louisville 51 Vermont
2 Villanova 18 Kentucky 34 Va Tech 52 Murray St
3 Xavier 19 Michigan 35 Alabama 53 Buffalo
4 Michigan St 20 Arizona 36 USC 54 S Dakota St
5 Kansas 21 TCU 37 Florida St 55 UNC Greensboro
6 UNC 22 Rh Island 38 NC State 56 Northeastern
7 Duke 23 Creighton 39 Arizona St 57 Bucknell
8 Auburn 24 Oklahoma 40 Kansas St 58 N Kentucky
9 Purdue 25 Texas A&M 41 Mid Tenn St 59 Montana
10 Tennessee 26 Arkansas 42 St. Mary’s 60 Rider
11 Cincinnati 27 Houston 43 Texas 61 UCSB
12 Texas Tech 28 Nevada 44 Baylor 62 Penn
13 Ohio St 29 Butler 45 Missouri 63 SF Austin
14 W Virginia 30 Seton Hall 46 St. Bona 64 FGC
15 Clemson 31 Miami 47 Miss St 65 Wagner
16 Wichita St 32 Florida 48 Loyola-Chi 66 UNC Asheville
49 Louisiana 67 Hampton
50 New Mex St 68 Texas So


  1. Bids by conference: ACC (9), SEC (9), Big 12 (8), Big East (5), Big 10 (4), Pac 12 (3), AAC (3), A10 (2), WCC (2)
  2. Possible bid stealing leagues:
    1. Unlikely in ACC, SEC, Big 12, and Big 10 because it would take quite a run
    2. Big 10: would have to be Nebraska or Penn St making still very unlikely run
    3. Pac 12: could see Oregon, UCLA, or Washington making a run especially with goings-on at Arizona
    4. AAC: SMU, Tulsa, or Temple might make a run, but doubtful
    5. A10: Davidson or VCU could make a run. St. Bona might count as bid stealer even though they’re right there on bubble
    6. WCC: BYU only threat to steal here
    7. CUSA: Will Mid Tenn St make it in if it loses? If so, W. Kentucky and Old Dominion are major threats to steal a bid
    8. MoVal: Will Loyola make it in if it loses? If so, any team in this balanced league could steal a bid.
    9. Sun Belt: Cajuns very unlikely to be at large, but have small chance so Georgia State and Georgia Southern are threats to steal.
    10. It’s madness, so who knows?
  3. Bubble Watch: Crazy that there are projected 8 and 9 seeds right now on the bubble, but alas. So little difference between seeds 7-12.
    1. I think my 8 seeds and above are safe
    2. Louisville: Virginia, @NCSt — two tier1 opps
    3. Va Tech: Duke, @Miami — two tier 1 opps, either win and in, may be any way
      1. I think they’re very safe now.
    4. Alabama: Fla, @Texas A&M — either win and in, may be any way
      1. Embarrassing home loss increases urgency against Aggies
    5. USC: UCLA — I have them higher than most, but need this one or out
    6. Florida St: @Clemson, BC — can’t lose to BC, but either will get them in
    7. NC State: @GaTech, Louis — two wins and in, either L and it’s likely first four
    8. Arizona St: Cal, Stanford — need both to feel good
    9. Kansas St: @TCU, Baylor — either win and in, will be nail biter if 3 Ls to end
      1. Need to win against Baylor or at least 1st game in tourney which may be TT or WVa
    10. Mid Tenn St: W. Kentucky, Marshall — big game against hilltoppers
    11. St. Mary’s: Tourney — could use one more win against Zaga
    12. Texas: @KU, WestVa — two tier1 opps, either W should get them in
      1. Sweating it. Need win against ‘eers badly.
    13. Baylor: Okla, @KansasSt — get both to feel good, one should do it though
      1. 5 point jump in RPI helps tremendously. May need more.
    14. Missouri: @Vandy, Ark — need both to feel good, one should do it though
      1. Probably safe, but home win against rival to feel good
    15. St. Bona: Davidson, @StL — must get to final of A10 to feel any kind of good
      1. Whew! Loss would’ve downed bonnies. Hope still there.
    16. Miss St: Tenn, @LSU — two wins boosts resume significantly
      1. Big lost opportunity. May have sunk their chances.
    17. Marquette: @Gtown, Creighton — need both
      1. Still need win against Creighton
    18. Providence: @Xavier, StJohns — W at X, otherwise not lookin good
    19. Notre Dame: Pitt, @Virginia — need both, but win at V might do it
    20. Syracuse: @BC, Clemson — need both
    21. Boise St: @SDSU, Wyoming — I don’t think they can get in without auto
    22. Penn St: Tourney — Likely need both Ohio St and Purdue to get in
    23. Nebraska: Tourney — Likely need both Michigan and Mich St to get in
    24. UCLA: @USC — not sure at large is possible
    25. Utah: Colo — not sure at large is possible
    26. Oregon: @WashSt, @Wash — not sure at large is possible
    27. Georgia: TexasA&M, @Tenn — two great opps, but need both to sniff it
    28. LSU: @SoCar, MissSt — not great opportunity here, not happening
    29. Washington: OreSt, Ore — don’t think it’s happening

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