February 5, 2018


2018 Bracket 6


1 Virginia 17 Seton Hall 33 Texas A&M 51 E Tenn St
2 Villanova 18 Michigan 34 Florida 52 N Kentucky
3 Purdue 19 Miami 35 Washington 53 New Mex St
4 Xavier 20 Kentucky 36 Arizona St 54 Murray St
5 Auburn 21 Creighton 37 Providence 55 South Dakota
6 Clemson 22 St. Mary’s 38 Houston 56 Buffalo
7 Duke 23 W Virginia 39 NC State 57 Towson
8 Michigan St 24 Butler 40 Arkansas 58 Bucknell
9 Texas Tech 25 Texas 41 Virginia Tech 59 Iona
10 Cincinnati 26 Gonzaga 42 Missouri 60 Princeton
11 Kansas 27 Arizona 43 Alabama 61 Montana
12 Tennessee 28 Florida St 44 Kansas St 62 FGC
13 Oklahoma 29 TCU 45 UCLA 63 SF Austin
14 UNC 30 Nevada 46 Marquette 64 Liberty
15 Ohio State 31 Wichita St 47 Mid Tenn St 65 UCSB
16 Rhode Isl 32 Louisville 48 Louisiana 66 Wagner
49 Vermont 67 Texas So
50 Loyola-Chi 68 NC Central


  1. In: UCLA, Missouri, Washington, Liberty, Montana
  2. Out: USC, Nebraska, Syracuse, Wagner, Portland St
  3. Rising: Washington, Tennessee, Miami, Butler, Texas, Texas A&M, Nevada, Providence, Missouri
  4. Falling: Kansas, W. Virginia, Arizona, Louisville, Florida, Arkansas, Kansas St
  5. Week for bubble teams:
    1. Providence: Gtown, DePaul; need to win both
    2. Houston: SMU, Tulane: need to win both, SMU would be decent win
    3. NC State: @VaTech, UNC; split would be great for resume, 2Ls not end of world
    4. Arkansas: SoCar, Vandy; really need to win both at home
    5. Va Tech: NCSt, @Virginia; given unlikely W on road, need to win at home
    6. Missouri: @Miss, MissSt; need to win both
    7. Alabama: @MissSt, Tenn, split would be good, 2 Ws a boon
    8. Kansas St: @Texas, TexTech; split would be great, really need a road win
    9. UCLA: @Arizona, @AzSt; need to split here to stay in it
    10. Marquette: @SetonHall, @St. Johns; really need both wins to stem the tide
    11. USC: @AzSt; @Arizona; need to split here to stay in it
    12. Nebraska: @Minn, Rutgers; need to win both, neither will boost resume much
    13. Syracuse: @Louis, Wake; need to win at home, W on road would be big
    14. Boise St: @NewMex; @UtahSt; need to win both, Nevada at home is only remaining resume booster
    15. Maryland: @PennSt; NW; need to win both, neither will boost resume much
    16. SMU: @Houston, Cincy; split would be good, W in both would get them in
    17. Georgia: @Vandy, Auburn; need to win both to stay in bubble talk
    18. Miss St: Ala, @Mizzou; need to win both to stay in bubble talk


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