Final Bracket 2017


3-12-17 Final Bracket

Bracket: East & South on one side and Midwest & West on other

2017 Final Bracket


1 Villanova 17 Purdue 33 Xavier 51 Vermont
2 Kansas 18 Cincinnati 34 S Carolina 52 ETSU
3 Gonzaga 19 W Virginia 35 Dayton 53 Bucknell
4 Kentucky 20 Minnesota 36 Arkansas 54 Fla Gulf Coast
5 Arizona 21 Creighton 37 VCU 55 New Mexico St
6 Duke 22 Iowa St 38 Marquette 56 Winthrop
7 N Carolina 23 Wisconsin 39 Seton Hall 57 Iona
8 UCLA 24 Maryland 40 Vanderbilt 58 N Kentucky
9 Baylor 25 Michigan 41 Michigan St 59 Texas So
10 Louisville 26 St. Mary’s 42 Wake Forest 60 Kent St
11 Oregon 27 SMU 43 Kansas St 61 North Dakota
12 Florida 28 Miami 44 Providence 62 Troy
13 Florida St 29 Va Tech 45 Rhode Island 63 UC Davis
14 Notre Dame 30 Oklahoma St 46 USC 64 S Dakota St
15 Virginia 31 Northwestern 47 Mid Ten 65 NC Central
16 Butler 32 Wichita St 48 Nevada 66 Jacksonville St
49 UNC-Wilm 67 Mt St Mary’s
50 Princeton 68 New Orleans


  1. Villanova is a lock for #1 overall. Kansas is also a lock for a 1 seed. I think Gonzaga is a lock as well. I think the final slot goes to Kentucky with Arizona, Duke, and N Carolina all right there. I think Arizona and Gonzaga should get paired out west and Duke and Kentucky in the south. N Carolina in the Midwest with Kansas and UCLA in the east with Villanova. I think all of those teams except Gonzaga have a great chance at winning it all.
  2. Tough calls:
    1. Final 1 seed between Kentucky, Duke, N Carolina, and Arizona.
    2. 2 seed: UCLA, Oregon, Baylor, or Louisville. I picked UCLA because of their top road wins and lack of bad losses.
    3. 3 seed: Florida or Florida St? Seminoles beat Gators and have more top 50 wins, but Gators have cleaner resume below top 50. I’m giving Florida a slight edge.
    4. Where to put Butler? Top wins are among the best in nation, but they also have some ugly losses. They’re definitely on the 4-5 cut line.
    5. Where to put Wichita St? Traditional resume says 8-9 seed at best. Predictive ratings say 4-5 seed at worst. Does committee go down the middle with 6 or 7? I think they’ll be 8 or 9 seed. I lean toward 9, but to play for better score I’m going to flop them and Xavier.
    6. Where will they put the last four in? I think they should all fall on the 11 seed line. If Rhode Island and Mid Ten end up on the 11 line, then the last two AL teams will be on the 12 line.
    7. USC or Syracuse? I think it’s pretty clear this is the decision to make for last in. USC has the RPI and Syracuse has the top 50 wins. Illinois St has good RPI but no top 100 wins other than Wich St and New Mexico. I’m giving the nod to USC, because of Syracuse’s bad RPI and bad losses. Orange getting in would be historic.
    8. Getting all the AQ teams seeds right isn’t always easy but can really add to the point total. I’m mostly concerned about the crowded 16 seed line. Which of the seven teams (the six I have + Troy) get the 15?

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