March 9, 2017


3-9-17 Bracket


  1. Bucknell Bison are dancing.
  2. Syracuse and Wake both lost, USC, Xavier, and Cal all won. I still think Cal is out and the others are in. Illinois St and Rhode Island are, to me, the only ones out who can get in unless Cal, Illinois, or Iowa make big runs. I don’t think the Redbirds stack up well against any of the bubble teams. The Rams compare better, but could really use another win against Dayton. There are no bubble bursters left in my opinion other than the A10. The other conferences have no shot at AL bid or are too strong to allow a non AL bid team to win it.
  3. Bubble games today:
    1. Kansas St vs Baylor (W and in, L and we’ll see)
    2. Xavier vs Butler (Xavier is a lock to me)
    3. Illinois vs Michigan (Illini must keep winning)
    4. Seton Hall vs Marquette (I think they’re both locks)
    5. California vs Utah (Cal can’t lose this one)
    6. Indiana vs Iowa (Iowa can’t lose)
    7. Texas A&M vs Vandy (Vandy can’t lose)
    8. Creighton vs Providence (I think friars are lock, but W will do it for sure)
    9. USC vs UCLA (see note on Providence)
  4. Auto bids today: none

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