February 28, 2017




1 Kansas 17 Cincinnati 33 Wichita St 51 UT-Arlington
2 Villanova 18 Creighton 34 Xavier 52 Nevada
3 Gonzaga 19 Notre Dame 35 Northwestern 53 Valpo
4 Louisville 20 W Virginia 36 VCU 54 Vermont
5 N Carolina 21 Minnesota 37 Dayton 55 Princeton
6 UCLA 22 Wisconsin 38 Michigan 56 Belmont
7 Kentucky 23 Maryland 39 Arkansas 57 UNC-Ash
8 Oregon 24 Miami 40 California 58 Bucknell
9 Baylor 25 S Carolina 41 Providence 59 ETSU
10 Arizona 26 Iowa St 42 Marquette 60 Cal Baker
11 Florida 27 Oklahoma St 43 Seton Hall 61 Fla Gulf Coast
12 Florida St 28 Michigan St 44 Syracuse 62 S Dakota
13 Duke 29 Va Tech 45 Vanderbilt 63 Texas So
14 Purdue 30 USC 46 Illinois State 64 New Orleans
15 Virginia 31 St. Mary’s 47 Mid Ten 65 Mt St Mary’s
16 Butler 32 SMU 48 Akron 66 UC Irvine
49 UNC-Wilm 67 N Dakota
50 Monmouth 68 NC Central


  1. Once again, the non P5 schools are hard to place because of the lack of comparative schedules.
  2. The bubble is taking better shape. I feel pretty good that Michigan on up are in safely barring unexpected losses. They’re are also fewer competitors for the spots below them. Illinois State, Rhode Island, and Mid Ten are interesting. Not great resumes, but are they as bad as a TCU or Wake Forest? Hard to say.
  3. Games I’m keeping track of this week:
    1. N Carolina at Virginia (one seed in play for heels)
    2. W Virginia at Baylor (fighting for top 4 seed)
    3. Miami at Virginia Tech (Va Tech could lock it up!)
    4. Georgetown at Seton Hall (Pirates in mustn’t lose territory)
    5. Indiana at Purdue (Hoosiers need big run, still may not be enough)
    6. Florida St at Duke (battle for the 3 seed)
    7. DePaul at Providence (Friars can’t lose this one)
    8. Oklahoma St at Iowa St (battle for a 7 seed)
    9. Vanderbilt at Kentucky (win and ‘dores are in, lose and they’re out)
    10. Kansas St. at TCU (both likely out, but neither can afford to lose)
    11. Michigan at Northwestern (both in good shape, but cats are reeling and need home win)
    12. Arkansas at Florida (win and hogs are in)
    13. Rhode Island at St. Joe’s (Rams can’t lose)
    14. VCU at Dayton (winner feels good about at-large, loser will sweat a bit)
    15. Michigan St at Illinois (Spartans look safe, but let’s not jeopardize it, eh?)
    16. Louisville at Wake Forest (Deacons need the win to get in)
    17. Marquette at Xavier (winner feels safe, loser sweats a bit)
    18. Houston at Cincinnati (Cougars have a prayer with win)
    19. Cal at Utah (Gonna be tough for the bears, but they can’t afford to lose)
    20. Indiana at Ohio St (Hoos’ can’t lose)
    21. Providence at Rutgers (Friars can’t lose)
    22. Florida at Vanderbilt (golden opportunity for ‘dores this week, but one loss might finish them)
    23. Georgia at Arkansas (hogs better win at home)
    24. George Mason at VCU
    25. Cal at Colorado (all mountains all week for bears)
    26. Michigan St at Maryland (big game for seeding)
    27. Seton Hall at Butler (winx2 this week and pirates are in)
    28. Creighton at Marquette (winx2 and eagles are in)
    29. TCU at Oklahoma (frogs can’t lose)
    30. Ga Tech at Syracuse (Cuse can’t lose)
    31. Kansas at Oklahoma St (‘boys are safe if they win this ‘un)
    32. Davidson at Rhode Island
    33. Colorado St at Nevada (Mtn West at stake)
    34. S Carolina at Ole Miss (game better win to be safe)
    35. UC Davis at UC Irvine (Battle in the big west)
    36. Purdue at Northwestern (big week for cats)
    37. Michigan at Nebraska (can’t lose twice this week and feel safe)
  4. Saturday and Sunday Auto bids: favorite: total bids
    1. Ohio Valley: Belmont: 1
    2. Atl Sun: FGC: 1
    3. Big South: UNC-Ash: 1
    4. MoVal: Wichita St: 2: possible bubble burster if anyone other than Shockers (or Redbirds) win
  5. Monday Auto bids: favorite: total bids
    1. Colonial: UNC-Wilm: 1
    2. MAAC: Monmouth: 1
    3. Southern: ETSU: 1

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